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Suzhou Sujing Automation Equipment corporation is one of the enterprises which are largest in scale and highest in market share in particle measurement field in China ,with the complete integration of scientific research,development and production. Suzhou Sujing Automation Equipment corporation is one of the Branches of Jiangsu Sujing Group Co.,LTD.Sujing Group is a new & high technology enterprise and one of 520 nation key enterprises,in which Jiangsu Research Center and Post-doctoral workstation are set.

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  • Clean products
    Laser airborne particle、Remote monitoring system、Microbial air sampler、Liquid/Oil particle detector,etc.
  • Green product
    PM2.5 detector, civil / industrial air purifier, on-line monitoring system for industrial production environment (dust, hydrogen, etc.)
  • Other
    The contents of other products are brief introduction of the contents of other products.
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    Sujing challenge the limit "clean"
    2017.12.26 More+
    "Sujing group" seven of god to provide clean environment
    2017.09.19 More+
    Sujing and SJ graphics trademark - was awarded "China well-known trademark"
    2014.04.16 More+
    Sue all the model of science and technology products
    2013.05.09 More+

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